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E-Filing: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Revised November 30, 2012
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Before You Register

Before you register to E-File, please be sure that you have:

1. A Web Browser capable of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption.

SSL-capable web browsers include:

Current versions of Google Chrome.
Current versions of Mozilla Firefox.
Chrome logo Firefox logo

2. An e-mail account.

You may already have an e-mail account provided by your Internet Service Provider (e.g. RoadRunner). If you do not have an e-mail account yet, you can register for a free e-mail account with such hosts as,, and

3. Valid Federal and State identification numbers.

If you are simply filing for individual income purposes, you will need your Social Security Number (SSN) or, if you do not qualify for a SSN, an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN). If you are filing business taxes for a Sole Proprietorship or a Single-Entity LLC, you will need your Hawaii Tax Identification Number (HTIN) as well as your SSN or ITIN. All other business entity types must have a valid Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) and HTIN.

4. Adobe Acrobat Reader

You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 or higher to view our PDF files. A free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from Adobe's web site at

Get the Acrobat Viewer

5. Your checking account information or a credit card.

If you plan on making a payment online, you should have your credit card or checking account information available.

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Site Security

Q.What kinds of security measures are being taken to safeguard my tax return and personal information after I register and file?

A.All personal information--such as information about your tax returns, your identification number(s), and your checking account or credit card number(s)--is encrypted with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology when traveling between your browser and our server. We also do not allow your browser to store any of your payment information on your hard drive or in your personal E-File database, as it is possible that an unauthorized person may gain access to your computer. This measure necessitates re-entering your bank or credit card information each time you make a payment through E-File. While this may seem troublesome, we view it as a necessary step in ensuring that such sensitive information is protected and secure.

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Q.Do I need to register to use the E-File system?

A.Yes. See "Before You Register" above for pre-registration requirements. After you register, you will be able to sign in with your User ID (either a valid SSN or FEIN, or a valid Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) if applicable) and your chosen password.

Your SSN/FEIN acts just like User IDs for such services as e-mail accounts, and is used to tie you to your filings, give you access to the history of your previous filings, and to pre-fill certain sections of your tax forms. You cannot change your User ID. If there are any problems concerning your SSN/FEIN, please contact the Department of Taxation, Taxpayer Services at (808)587-4242 or toll-free at 1-800-222-3229 x3500.

Q.The website is telling me that my SSN/FEIN already exists in the system, but I've never registered. What do I do?

A.Contact the Department of Taxation, Taxpayer Services at (808)587-4242, or reach them toll-free at 1-800-222-3229 x3500. They will gladly assist you in resolving the problem.

Q.What will my e-mail address be used for?

A.We automatically send e-mail confirmations of all transactions made through E-File to your provided e-mail address. We also use your e-mail address to send passwords in the event that you forget yours. Please be sure that you are providing a working, active e-mail address when you register. Should you change your e-mail address after registering, you can update it on your E-File account by logging into your account and clicking on the "Update Profile" button at the top of the Forms page.

Q.I am a tax professional. How do I register and file for my clients?

A.You will need to ask your client(s) to register on the web site and then provide you with a copy of their registration information, including their password. We also recommend that you obtain a Power of Attorney (POA, Form N-848) from your client so that you will have the authority to file their returns and pay their taxes due on their behalf. You do not need to submit the POA to the Department unless you wish to make an inquiry about your client's confidential tax information.

Q.How will I know that you have processed my registration information?

A.You will receive a confirmation e-mail within 24 hours notifying you that we have received and processed your application. The confirmation e-mail also serves to verify your e-mail address. You may want to print a copy of the registration application before you submit it. You do not need to wait for the confirmation e-mail to begin E-Filing.

Q.I lost my password. How can I retrieve it?

A.If you lost your password, you can request it be sent to the e-mail address on your E-File profile by clicking on the green "Forgot your password?" link at the E-Services home page, or by clicking on the grey "Retrieve Password" button on the log-in screen.

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Q.What forms can I file through E-File?

A.Please visit to see the list of forms that can be filed on this website and our new Hawaii Tax Online website.

Q.I've logged in to my E-File account. Why can't I see all the forms I know I can file through E-File?

A.If you do not see a form listed, it is either unsupported or past the due date for that form. Many forms are only available on the new Hawaii Tax Online website.

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Q.If I begin filing on the web site, will I continue to receive a tax booklet?

A.No. To promote cost saving measures and environmental friendliness, the state Tax Department has ceased the automatic mailing of Income Tax Booklets (e.g. for the N-11), Business Tax Booklets (e.g. for General Excise taxes), and Estimated Payment Vouchers to taxpayers' homes or businesses.

Q.E-Filing means that I can't actually sign the form. Is it still considered valid?

A.Yes. The Department of Taxation, through the Hawaii Revised Statutes, can determine alternative methods of "signing" an electronically filed tax return so that it has the same validity as a physically signed paper return. Because the taxpayer is required to register using confidential personal information and must select a unique password known only to them when submitting a return through the eHawaiiGov website, the Department accepts E-Filed returns as valid and official.

Q.How do I know my return has been submitted?

A.After successfully completing and submitting all information relating to your filing, you will be taken to a Confirmation screen. You should print this screen for your own records, as it is considered proof of your E-Filing. You will also be able to view a PDF copy of your submitted form by clicking on the "View Filing" button on the Confirmation page. A confirmation e-mail will also be sent to the e-mail address on your profile page.

You should not consider your return submitted until you reach the Confirmation page.

Q.I can't print my Confirmation out right now. Can I print it later?

A.Yes. To save your Confirmation for later printing, perform a "Save As" command from your browser. Please note that you will not be able to see this screen again otherwise.

Q.Why didn't I see a Confirmation screen after I submitted my form?

A.If you didn't see a Confirmation screen, you probably didn't complete your filing. You can check this by selecting the form you think you submitted from the "Select a form to file" page. If the information is still present on the form, the form has not been filed. If the information is not present, then you should be receiving an e-mail confirming your filing.

You can also check your filing history by clicking the "History" button at the top of your Forms page. If you do not see the form you just submitted listed there, then the filing did not go through. If you have been logged into your E-File account for a long time, you may have to log out of your account and then log back in before you can successfully submit your form.

Q.When will my E-Filed return be considered submitted?

A.All dates and times are based on Hawaii Standard Time (HST). Although it takes one business day for your submission to be sent to the Department, we will always consider it submitted on the day and time you reach the Confirmation page. As such, you have until 11:59:59PM (HST) of the due date to make a timely E-Filed return.

Q.Can I see the forms that I have filed in the past again?

A.Yes. Click on the "History" button at the top of the Forms page. This will take you to your own personal electronic record of all of the forms you have ever E-Filed. If you wish to print out a copy of a past return, click on the "View Filing" button corresponding to the return you want to see. This will open your return as an Adobe PDF document, which you can then print out for your records or save to your computer.

Q.I found a mistake in my return after I submitted it. Can I use the "Back" button on my Web browser to return to the page and correct it?

A.No. Once you have received the Confirmation page, your form is considered submitted to the Department and you will not be able to go back and make any changes. You must file an amended return on paper instead except for General Excise, Transient Accommodation and Withholding Tax. If you need any assistance, please call Taxpayer Services at (808) 587-4242 or toll-free at 1-800-222-3229.

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Q.How do I make a payment for the return(s) that I am filing through E-File?

A.You can submit a payment with your return by entering the amount of your tax liability that you would like to pay on the line marked "Please enter the amount of your payment." After submitting the return, you will then automatically be taken to the payment page, where you can choose to pay either via eCheck (an electronic check processing service) or by charge to a credit card.

Q.Can I E-File a return without making a payment?

A.Yes. Taxpayers who wish to submit their tax payments to the Department separate from their E-Filed return, either via paper check or through the ACH Debit/Credit process, may do so by entering "0.00" into the line marked "Please enter the amount of your payment" (on the G-45, this is line 33). This indicates that you are not submitting an electronic payment with your E-Filed return. You will be taken straight to the Confirmation page after clicking on the "Submit" button.

Q.Can I submit a payment through E-File without E-Filing a return?

A.Yes, you can. Simply select the appropriate tax payment voucher under the "Tax Payment" heading on the "Select a form to file" page and fill in the necessary information.

Q.Are there any fees that I need to be aware of?

A.This service is free if you are not making a payment on-line. For example, if you are filing a tax return on-line with no payment, there are no transaction fees assessed.

However, if you are making a payment on-line, this online service includes a non-refundable "service fee" for on-line payment transactions that allows to deliver this, and other important services via the Internet. It will be reflected on your payment form, receipt, and your confirmation e-mail. This will ensure that you know exactly how much you paid for the tax amount and the "total price".

The "service fee" for payments made via credit card is will be displayed before you confirm your payment. If you choose to pay via electronic debit to your bank account (eCheck) the "service fee" is $1.00 (US).

Example: Filer owes $1,000.00 in taxes.

"Total price" if paid via major Credit Card:

$1,000 + $1.00 + $24.02 = $1,025.02

"Total price" if paid via Electronic Bank Debit (eCheck):

$1,000 + $1.00 = $1,001.00

You will have the opportunity to review all applicable fees prior to finalizing your transaction. At that point, you will have the option to cancel your online transaction if you do not wish to pay the additional "service fee".

Q.I submitted my payment information and received the Confirmation page. Does this page confirm that the Department received my payment?

A.No. The Confirmation page confirms that you made an E-File submission, but it does not confirm that the Department has actually received the money from any payment you authorized. Neither the Department nor eHawaiiGov will notify you when the payment is actually received.

It may take up to five business days after you reach the Confirmation page for the Department to process your payment. If the processing is successful, your payment will be considered made on the date you received the Confirmation page. eCheck payments may be checked by keeping track of your bank statement.

Q.Is there a fee for a returned electronic payment?

A.Yes. Hawaii Revised Statutes Section 40-35.5 imposes a $25 non-waivable penalty for an electronic payment that is returned to the Department for any reason. This fee will be reflected on the billing notice the Department will send to you.

Please contact your financial institution for the correct information to enter for ACH payments before authorizing your payment transaction.

Q.Will I be notified if my check "bounces" or my credit card charge is "rejected"?

A.No. Neither eHawaiiGov nor the Department of Taxation will notify you if your payment is returned. If your payment does not go through, the Department of Taxation will mail you a bill that may include penalty and interest. eCheck payments can be checked by keeping track of your bank statement.

Q.Are there dollar limits when I make a payment through E-File?

A.The maximum amount that you can charge to a credit card is $99,999.99 per transaction.

Q.I cancelled out of the payment page by clicking on the "Back" or "Change" button, and did not click the "Authorize Payment" button. Was my return submitted?

A.Your return was not submitted if, for any reason, you cancelled out of the payment process. To submit the return, you must access it again, change the amount of your payment if necessary, and click on the "Submit" button again. You should not consider your return (and any accompanying payment) submitted until you reach the Confirmation page.

Q.I realized that I made a mistake on my payment information after I clicked the "Authorize Payment" button and reached the Confirmation page. Can I use the "Back" button on my Web browser to correct it?

A.No. Once you have clicked the "Authorize Payment" button and reached the Confirmation page, nothing that you submitted in that transaction can be changed, including your payment information.

Please be sure that all of your payment information is correct before clicking on the "Authorize Payment" button. A $25 non-waivable penalty will apply if a payment is returned to the Department for any reason.

Q.Where can I find my routing number and checking account number to write an eCheck?

A.Many financial institutions print this information on your paper checks. Below is an example check to give you an idea of where you might find your routing and checking account numbers. You can also click here for more images of example checks.

a. Routing number – This is the 9-digit number located between the symbols. It is usually found in the bottom left hand corner of your check.
b. Account number – The length and location of this number can vary from bank to bank and comes before the symbol.

If you have never made a payment using an electronic check before, we strongly encourage that you contact your financial institution for confirmation of these numbers. Your financial institution may require different information for electronic payments.

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Contact Us

If you still have questions about E-Filing, you can contact the Department of Taxation, Taxpayer Services at (808)587-4242, or toll-free at 1-800-222-3229 x3500.

You can also e-mail the Electronic Processing Section at

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